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Harponline company, founded 2001 and closed in 2010, was
the first websource offering full spare part support
for professional harmonica players worldwide.

Harponline grew up in the Social Networks,
built by a harmonica player in the turn of the
millennium, way before Facebook.

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Harponline is closed, so, why this site?

Well, there are still hundreds of links pointing to harponline.de on websites all over the world.

Not running at least a farewell page would mean to have all these links running into nothing.

Target of this page is to show some stylish pics that can give you an idea what Harponline was
and point with some links to people that took up the spirit and moved even further.

The Harponline Inventions

Dozens of new ideas and utility patents

Harponline Rack bag

Example One: The Harponline Rackbag

is a multi-functional 7-harmonica porch.

Not only that you could wear it on your belt, or like demonstrated in the right pic, you even can clamp it on your mic stand using the additional stand holder.
The super magnets closing the bag were so strong, that you could put the porch on every wall with metal surface without loosing the adhesive strength.

Using a violin holder as a stand for the retro harmonica bullet mic was also one of the unique Harponline ideas.

Clicking the illustration on the right will demonstrate the different applications of Harponline Rack Bag.

The Harponline Inventions

The Harmonica Amp

Kellie Rucker promoting the Harponline Harmonica Amp

Example Two: The Harponline Harmonica Amp

Genuine Blues Harmonica Players will insist to get their genuine distorted amplified Chicago Style Blues sound from a Vintage Tube Amp as they were built in the 1950ties.
However, controlling feedback on those machines coming from the high-impedance bullet mics, as they are part of the sound chain concept of Blues harmonica playing,

is one of the really tricky things when building an amp for harmonica.
Nevertheless, Harponline took up the challenge, building the Harponline Harmonica Amp, along with an up to 2-cabinet-speaker stack that really could wake up a churchyard.

On the right, harmonica pro Mrs. Kellie Rucker, promoting the beast.

Joint Ventures

SLK-Sonnenschein Harmonica Rack

Construction meets promotion and expertise

The SLK-Sonnenschein Harmonica Rack, the worlds most innovative harmonica neck holder,
fully constructed in 3D CAD by 3D CAD konstruiert by genius engineer Armin Sonnenschein.
The product was managed to maturity phase and introduced into the market using Harponline expertise and promotion.
The holder matches highest standards, meanwhile running in the 3rd design version, using highend 3-D printed parts
and there is still no other construction on the market, that could beat the unique features of this item.

On the SLK Sonnenschein Homepage are lots of informations available regarding the item.

Harponline Marketing

The Harponline Harmonica Service System

The Harponline Service Toolset

The unique selling point: The Harponline Service System

Harponline can claim having set new service standards within the harmonica industry.
The company has helped to metamorphose the image of the harmonica from a cheap throw-away-toy into a real high end instrument by giving the player knowledge, how to setup the instrument for his/her individual playing style.
Moreover, Harponline held all spare parts in stock plus had a wide portfolio of custom harmonicas available to fit the needs of thousands of players worldwide.

On top, Michael Timler celebrating the Harponline Service Workshops in front of the audience at the 8th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2010 in Singapore.
On the right, the Harponline Harmonica Service Set, which enables a player to perform almost any repair and custom works necessary to individually customize the instrument.

Internet Based

The Harponline Harmonica Webshop

Harmonica Reed in Diatonic arrangement

For 10 years, Harponline was the most advanced harmonica ressource worldwide.

From the start until closure, the company was a pure Internet based company.
All interaction with customers took place online except telephone calls.
The steady interaction in newsgroups and forums, listening to the needs of the players was the
driving force behind the product development, CQ and the immediate fullfillment of the customers orders.
Before those terms where in use, Harponline was way ahead of SEO and Social Media Marketing.

On the right, a harmonica reed in slow motion (Download & Copy appreciated!).

Take a tour through the restored Harponline Webpage to get an idea, what it actually was.(type 2 times ''harponline'' if asked)
Please be aware that this is a historic demonstration. There is nothing for sale.