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The Best from the Harponline Harmonica Workshops

Core of Harponline were the Harponline Harmonica Workshops

My Credo always was: For every harmonica player has his/her individual body shape and every harmonica responds to this individual shape individually, there can be nobody else, that can tune or customize a harmonica for him/her. For nobody else than the player can test an individual modification result. Means: Tuning a harmonica to a 100% functinality by a third party isn't only possible to certain degree. This was my vision.

Therefore, the must be sombody to transfer at least the basic knowledge, how individual customizing could work.
This was my mission.

What I have published wasn't all found by myself. However, I was one of the first to collect and sytematize the global knowledge about harmonicas, as it rained down from the Internet of the years 2000 and later, put it together and published it on a website.

The interaction with my customers worldwide improved the workshops more and more and finally the Harponline Harmonica Workshops became State Of The Art even at the big harmonica manufacturers, last but not least triggered by my later employments at Seydel 2005/2006 and Hohner harmonica factories (2010 to 2013).

Meanwhile you find everything you must know about harmonica customizing on their webpages, at Youtube or elsewhere.
But the best from the workshops is collected here.

Workshop Harmonica Tuning

There were Harponline workshops, that had a long time to birth.

One of them examined the question, what's the difference beetween Equal and Just Tuning, or better, the basic question regarding the Pythagorean comma.

And the more I understood in doing my tuning experiments on harmonicas I realized, that this is the key to this holy grale harmonica sound all players are heading for. Especially those Litte Walter lunatics, spending thousands of bucks into vintage amplifiers, into the wrong believe , that the amp was the sound key.

Its not the amp.

It's the tuning file!

Tutorial Harmonica Tuning